Vehicles decontamination system

RC vehicles disinfection systems or 'VDS series' is able to spray disinfectant solutions on all accessible surfaces of vehicles that pass
through them.

VDS series is particularly efficient, easy to install and can be used with a washing system or with an independent configuration if the vehicles to be treated are free of intact residues (mud, soil, etc.).

RC decontamination systems are extremely reliable and fully flexible. Their structure is highly adaptable to every working site, so they
can be used for farming and manufacturing as well.

Using RC.VDS system, it helps to preserve the environment and ensure maximum return on investment even after a long time.

VDS.T01 system is fully automatic, compact, light and easy to transport. It consists of one or more nebulisation rings, storage, mixer and pumping station, an electronic control group and also a sensor for detecting vehicles.

The pass-through line has a very low profile and, as an option, more nebulisation rings can be activated at the same time. This ensures a safe disinfectant action even at the high speed.

This system can be, optionally, equipped with tools to reduce multiples contaminants or with protecting sidewalls, specifically, studied for windy areas.

Fields of application:

Farms, quarries, mines, landfills, storage sites, reclaimed lands, municipal enterprises, sanitation plants, etc.

Index (scale 1- 10):

Portability: 8 (transportable on standard van)
Ease of installation: 8 (it can be installed by
non-specialized workforce)
Vehicles contamination: 8 (high presence of contaminants)
Vehicle flow:  9 (up to 120 vehicles per hour)

Specific features of model VDS.T01:

Placement:  surface
Vehicles:  vans, trucks, wheeled industrial vehicles
Passage of vehicles: low speed, pass-through
Vehicles max. weight per axle: 30 ton
Vehicles min. height: 10 cm
Average washing time: 10 sec
Primary tank: 500 litres of ready-to-use solution
Disinfectant flow: adjustable
Direct mixing: available
Nebulisation rings: from 1 to 8