Disinfection Systems

Ambient saturation disinfection system for cold micronization of non-explosive sanitizing agents such as:

▪ Chlorine or peroxide based sanitizers.
▪ Quaternary ammonium-based disinfectant.
▪ Dilutable medical products.

Tecnoter’s saturation sanitizing units are easily transferable, fully automatic and engineered following the current criteria of "object-oriented" design.

This guarantees the maintenance of the value over time, ease of updating and integration with optional accessories, specialized for the management of specific needs.

The saturation system is ideal for treating tiny and wide areas such as:

▪ Homes
▪ Offices
▪ Commercial businesses
▪ Production department
▪ Sheds

as well as the treatment of outside contact areas or high-flow areas such as:

▪ Shopping malls
▪ Waiting rooms
▪ Stations
▪ Airports

The small sanitation devices are available for the disinfection of vehicles such as:

▪ Ambulance
▪ Police vehicles
▪ Military vehicles
▪ Taxi
▪ Bus

This system can be produced according to the specific needs of the customer and delivered in just few days.

Standard technical features:

Power:  electric
Working area:
50 - 8.000 m2
 Installation: integrated or portable
Micronization: cold cycle
Drops size: 1 - 20 micron
Tank: integrated
Mixer: available
Tailored systems: available