Ozone generators (O3)

This professional modular ozone generators are extremely reliable and customizable according to specific customers’ needs.

They are designed for constant industrial operations. The GPOD3 family is widely used to treat rooms, offices, hotels, commercial areas, meeting rooms, vehicles as well as clothes and equipment.

Ozone is completely a natural gas composed of three atoms of oxygen. The disinfectant power of ozone, has been known and used since a very long time both in medical and healthcare sectors but also in the areas of food conservation, air conditioning, sanitation and, generally, in the treatment and prevention of molds, bacteria, viruses and parasites infestations (Ref.: Italian Ministry of Health, Protocol No 24482 of July, the 31th 1996).

The ozone high oxidizing power can oxidize and inactivate several organic (phenols, benzene, trihalomethanes, pesticides) and inorganic compounds (cyanides, sulphites, nitrites). Ozone is also able to oxidize contaminants based on iron, manganese and other minerals, which can be very difficult to remove. At the cellular level, the main toxic effects of ozone are also accountable to its oxidative power and to its ability to oxidize and peroxidise biomolecules, directly and indirectly (Khadre et al., 2001).

Since ozone is more effective than other disinfectants towards a wider spectrum of microorganisms. Ozone has been used as a disinfectant agent in drinking water production in France since 1906 and Germany since 1972.

GPOD3 ozone generators are fully flexible, customizable and can be produced in low or medium scale of integration considering the specific customer's necessities.


USA – On June 26th of 2001, based on the documentation provided by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) and by a team of
experts, an official document was issued concerning the evaluation of efficiency and safety of ozone in food processing and storage. According to the document, the FDA - division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services – it validated the compatibility of ozone with human activities, allowing the use of ozone, as antimicrobial agent in gaseous phase or in aqueous  solution, in food production processes (treatment, processes, storage of meat, eggs, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables and others). In particular, the document 21 CFR part 173.368 (register n°00F-1482) has elected ozone as a G.R.A.S. Element (Generally Recognized as Safe), secondary food additive safe for human health.

Italy - The Ministry of Health, with protocol n°24482 of 1996, July 31st, has recognized the  use of ozone in the treatment of air and water and as a natural solution for the sterilization of areas contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and mites.


Ozone generator (O3): 7.000 - 500.000 mg/h
Outputs: 1-20
Air pumping stations: independents
Tecnology: corona ceramic / quartz
Cooling: air or liquid
Timer: multiple
Oxygen generator: option
Tailor made versions: available

STANDARD VERSION (OEM / special versions available)