Industrial Magnetic Lifters

Security, speed and space optimization thanks to the magnetic lifting from high offered by electromagnetic beams

The magnetic lifting from high offered by electromagnetic beams allows safe handling of long steel products, protecting them from warping and bending. Electromagnetic lifting beams guarantee fast and secure attachment and increased safety for operators, thanks to structures with telescopic booms and lifting beams with more than one two-poles or three-poles, high depth of field, rectangular magnet

Safety and speed of grip thanks to the magnetic lifting
The magnetic grip is fast and reliable: operators no longer have to perform dangerous actions to hook jaws, bands, chains or other lifting systems.
For shorter products, there is the chance to pre-select only the magnets involved in the taking.
Less space required for storage
The magnetic anchor from electromagnetic beams allows you to stack the products or the bundles one directly on each other.
Flexibility and safety
For the magnetic lifting of sheets, bars or slabs a version of lifting beam with electro-permanent magnets can be required. Energy-efficient, electro-permanent magnets avoid the risk of load losing due to electrical faults or power failure.
Magnetic beams developed to measure
We can design your magnetic lifting system according to special requirements of available space, weight and dimensions of the material to be handled and the capacity of cranes.