Hydraulic Magnets

Lightweight and powerful magnets with oil-hydraulic control, characterized by the integration of magnet and generator on the same unit that powered by the circuit of the hammer line or bucket line of the excavator.
They can be connected to any hydraulic machine without the necessity of a dedicated circuit. They have pressure and flow control
valves and a rapid material release device (1 sec.)
The programmable "picker" function makes the system efficiently usable also for handling metal sheets.
The version with attachment saddle and sideway teeth is specifically designed for the recycling of ferrous materials in demolition and
recycling sites. The possibility of moving the magnet through the bucket joint, the presence of side teeth and the strong attraction force of these systems make Tecnoter’s hydraulic magnet ideal for the collection and recovery of ferrous materials on construction sites.

Standard versions:
G=version with chains
GP= version with plate
T= version with teeth

Permanent hydraulic magnets

Very light, extremely powerful, safe and ideal for any machinery equipped with hydraulic unit such as forklifts, excavators, loaders, vans, hydraulic cranes, trucks, industrial machines.

Thanks to the innovative patented technology, permanent hydraulic magnets Tecnoter from the LQMP family are ideal for lifting and handling difficult loads in complete safety.

Once activated, they don't lose the load even in case of shutdown of the guest machine or in the event of hydraulic system interruption.

Tecnoter's permanent hydraulic lifting magnets can be used both in single version configuration and assembled in complex structures, ideal for handling large loads such as tubes and profiles.
Powerful hydraulically controlled magnets, characterized by integration of a magnet and a generator on the same unit. They are designed to be connected directly to the excavator's hydraulic pipes, without requiring a dedicated energy generator.

Thanks to the "sorter" function, programmable according to the operator preferences and the material to be handled, the Tecnoter hydraulic magnets  are also very suitable for sheet metal handling.
The specific GP configuration, with hooking support and side jaws on one or both sides, is specifically designed for the recycling of iron scrap inside demolition sites.

G = magnet in classic circular execution. Floating hook with triple chain
GP = magnet in classic circular execution. Attachment with saddle plate - swiveling
T = magnet with teeth on one or two sides. Attachment with saddle plate - swiveling