Hybrid and hydraulic current generator

LQG series hydraulic motor generators are exceptionally robust, compact and versatile. Designed for both MIL applications, this series ensures optimal and constant performance in any operating conditions and it is virtually maintenance-free.
The absence of any emissions, the ability to work in oxygen-free environments and the incredible silence, make LQG generators the ideal tool for the heaviest use. The built in hydraulic flow control unit, guarantees easy connection even to unstable hydraulic sources such as endothermic engines of vessels, operating machines, variable flow control units, etc.
LQG gensets are available in a wide range of voltages (from 12 to 400 Vac), frequencies (50, 60 and 400Hz GPU) and powers (from 5 to over 1,200 KVA). Thanks to scalable design, each system can be updated with several accessories such as welding units, AC-DC converters, remote control units, etc.

Optionally, LQG systems can be equipped with auxiliary thermal motor and power hydraulic circuit which can activate the generator unit and allow the system to be used as a hydraulic power station.

Application sectors:

● On board power generation (vessels, trucks, vans, platforms, telescopics)
● Merchant and Military Navy
● Civil protection / Police
● Defence
● Railway construction / tunnels
● Aviation (Ground Power Unit Ac 400Hz and/or 28Vdc)
● Mines and quarries (emergency power generation, emergency lighting)
● Earth moving equipment (magnet control)
● Emergency lighting
● Underwater power generation
● Power generation in zero-emissions environments (food, pharmaceutical)

Examples of basic three-phase 400Vac 50Hz versions:

1 = hydraulic only, 2 = hybrid: hydraulic and internal combustion, 3 = integrated compact dashboard, 4=low trailer, 5 = hydraulic unit function, 6 = integrated headlight unit, 7 = welding unit (option), 8 = electronic control, 9 = GPU (optionall)