The importance of renewing


Tecnoter was founded in 1985.

Tecnoter Group headquartersAt that time, the company was focused on oil-hydraulic assistance in Milan and, immediately, Tecnoter stood out for its great experience and expertise in earth moving machinery. The 80s and 90s were years of growth for the company, which is increasingly affirming itself in the sector.

But hard times always come, for everyone.

The new millennium requires a change on both human and technological level. Tecnoter responds strongly, finding the courage to deeply renew itself.

Thus was born the idea of a new engineering department up to the change and able to propose innovative solutions in the sector of earth moving machinery.

Special attachments and oil-hydraulic and electronic retrofit kits attract the attention of international top players, bringing Tecnoter to be recognized even outside EU and overseas.

Trust in Tecnoter grows, because of its ability to understanding the customers needs and turning them into solutions.

"We design solutions" naturally becomes the motto of the company.

But the story of Tecnoter goes beyond this.

We design solutions mottoTecnoter becomes a group and acquires RC Automation and RC Green. Aware of the urgent need to safeguard the planet, Tecnoter begins to design and produce systems and equipment with low environmental impact.
RC Green starts the production of Zero-Emission-Systems as hydraulic motor current generators, GPUs and air compressors, but also wheel washing systems and decontamination groups in civil and military target configuration.

Tecnoter wanted to completely renew itself, year after year, to be ever closer to customers.
No matter if they are industry giants or small local companies.
The mission is designing tailored solutions, suitable for every specific need, accompanying customers in achieving their goals.

To find out more about what Tecnoter can do for you and your company, contact us here and let's talk: we will find the best solution together.