Electromagnetic Systems for Fork Lift

The electromagnetic systems for Fork Lift trucks are specifically designed for moving ferrous products with heavy machinery. Such intensive and continuous operations often cause mechanical “stress” on materials and machines.
This magnetic equipment is available with two magnets or with four magnets, more specific for lifting long sheet metal.
It is possible to vary the force of attraction of magnets and the distribution of weights for an easier exfoliation.
This systems have been conceived for lifting slabs, sheets, rods, wire rods rolls and they are also available with deep magnetic field for lifting long sections, beams and rod bundles.
Our electromagnetic equipment is a complete system, equipped with electromagnets or electro-permanent magnets and supplied by an hydraulic genset to be installed on board of the vehicle.
On request, they can be equipped with semi-rigid double-jointed coupling groups to limit the tilting of the electromagnets and facilitate the operations of loading and unloading.

Fields of applications:

Port areas, warehouses in steel mills, scrap yards, logistics centers, preparation and welding steel structures.

Available options:

Magnets with deep magnetic fieldRigid suspensions with anti-tilt swivelFunction for alignment of billetsFunction for exfoliation of sheets