Fields of application

Construction sites, landfills, storage sites, recycling plants, demolition sites, reclaimed lands, municipal enterprises, sanitation plants, etc.

Index (scale 1-10)

Portability: 1 (in-ground system)
Ease of installation: 3 (associated works are necessary)
Vehicles contamination: 10 (very high)
Vehicle flow: 10 (up to 160 per hour)

Standing wheel washing ECO series

Tecnoter ECO automatic wheel washers are closed-loop circuit designed for in-ground, standing installations where vehicular flow and contamination are extremely relevant.

Able to be used even in very cold areas, Eco series are composed by one ultra HD washing lane and one or more physical-chemical units which include settling tanks, mud extractors, oil and hydrocarbon separators, lamellar settlers, poly-electrolyte dosing station, mixers and more. Integrated heating system, sludge dewatering units, sands filtration stations and specific groups for asbestos are even available on demand.

Thanks to the complete flexibility, easiness of expansion and particular sturdiness of the structures, the ECO systems can easily adapt to the needs of the construction sites and they are able to withstand extreme heavy works.

Thanks to the high technology of the wastewater treatment system, ECO series systems can reach extremely high percentages of water recycling and contaminant separation: they help protect the environment and represent a safe investment over time.

ECO series wheel washing: the elective choice for the most critical applications.

The Tecnoter Group Eco series wheel washers are remotely controllable thanks to the TcConnect system: manage the rental, monitor production and system specifications wherever and whenever you want from a PC, smartphone or tablet

Specific features of model ECO200B

Placement: in-ground
Vehicles: vans, trucks, wheeled industrial vehicles
Passage of vehicles: low speed, drive-through
Max. weight of vehicles: starting from 30 tons per axle
Min. height of vehicles: 10 cm
Average washing time: 20 sec.
Primary tank: not present
Settling tank: in-ground
Mud extractor: integrated
Dosing system for additives: optional

Standard technical features

Washing line structure: heavy carpentry in c.steel, galvanized where needed
Internal width: 3,5 - 5 m
Internal length: 4 - 20 m
Line height from ground: 5 cm
Sidewalls height: 1,3 - 5 m
Nozzles number: variable
Washing pumps: from 1 to 9
Washing flow: from 1.500 to 22.500 l/min
Booster pumps: not present
Power: variable
Integrated tank volume: not present
Settling tank volume: variable
Mechanical scraper: integrated
Activation: automatic with sensors, no wind sensitive

Available options

• Extra settling tank  • Station for dosing polyelectrolyte with integrated tank  • Automatic water refill  • Auxiliary tank for mud storage  • Mud dewatering system  • Specific solution for particle reduction  • Internal width extension (max 5 mt)  • Internal lenght extension max 16 mt)  • Sidewalls height extension (max 5 mt)  • Orientable nozzles  • Rotating flow nozzles  • Central wash platform  • Back wash injectors  • Low, up and side wash injectors  • Arch system for sanitation and bacterial control  • Extra thin autocleaning filter  • Heating system  • Telemetry and telecontrol  • Current generator

*Concrete tank
Customized systems available on demand