Portable wheel washing system series E

Mobile closed-loop circuit wheel washing systems E series designed to ensure optimal portability and superior cleaning power.

E series Tecnoter wheel washing systems are modular and powerful drive-trough units, easily transportable and adaptable to the different needs of each installation site.

Thanks to the built-in washing group and the advanced physical-chemical wastewater treatment unit, systems of E series ensure optimal results and perfect recycling with just a minimum maintenance.

The superior features of this systems make E series ideal in case of high vehicle flow and relevant presence of mud.

Tecnoter E series: mobile, powerful, modular and strong; the ideal partner for the heaviest applications.

Fields of application

Quarries, mines, landfills, storage sites, recycling plants, demolition sites, reclaimed lands, municipal enterprises, sanitation plants, etc.

Index (scale 1-10)

Portability: 5 (transportable on standard trucks)
Ease of installation: 6 (less than a day)
Vehicles contamination: 8 (high presence of mud)
Vehicle flow: 9 (up to 120 per hour)

Specific features of model RC4.32E

Placement: underground and surface
Vehicles: vans, trucks, industrial machinery
Passage of vehicles: low speed, drive-through
Max. weight of vehicles: 100 ton
Min. height of vehicles: 10 cm
Average washing time: 20 sec.
Primary tank: Integrated
Settling tank: External, available from 16 to 40 m³ each
Mud extractor: integrated in the settling tank
Dosing system for additives: Present

Standard technical features

Washing line structure: heavy carpentry in c.steel, galvanized where needed
Internal widht: 3,2 mt extendable up to 5 mt with modules
Internal length: 4,0 mt extendable up to 16 mt with modules
Line height from ground: about 50 cm
Sidewalls height: 1,3 mt from washing line, extendable up to 5 mt
Nozzles number: variable (typical value: 150)
Washing pumps: from 1 to 6
Washing flow: from 2.000 to 11.000 l/min
Booster pumps: from 1 to 3
Power: variable (typical value: 21Kw)
Integrated tank volume: 5 m³
Settling tank volume: Variable, starting from 12 m³
Mechanical scraper: integrated, with prefilter
Activation: automatic with sensors, no wind sensitive
Vehicles max. weight: 70 tons (standard version)

Available optionals

• Extra settling tank  • Polyelectrolyte dosing group with integrated tank  • Automatic water refill  • Auxiliary tank for mud storage  • Mud dewatering system  • Heavy Duty ramps  • Specific solution for Asbestos reduction  • Internal width extension (max 5 mt)  • Internal length extension (max 16 mt)  • Sidewalls height extension (max 5 mt)  • Orientable nozzles  • Rotating flow nozzles  • Central wash platform  • Back wash injectors  • Low, up and side wash injectors  • Arch system for sanitation and bacterial control  • Extra thin autocleaning filter  • Heating system  • Telemetry and telecontrol  • Current generator.