Dust reduction system for demolition

The presence of dust in the atmosphere is a serious problem which brings dangerous impacts to the environment and make drilling,
recycling and demolition operations difficult to be carried out.

The traditional contrast systems, based on the use of foams and large quantities of water injected into the drilling hole or into the
material to be crushed, have not only proved to be ineffective to resolve the problem but also imply significant reductions in productivity (tunneling, recycling) or serious problems of visibility and water supply (demolition at height).

By using Tecnoter’s high pressure system, it permits to eliminate effectively dust residues by using very low quantities of water.

It is used by an electronically controlled high pressure pump capable of spraying small quantities of water around the impact point of
the demolition tool (hammer, pliers), taking from a small tank placed on the machine or directly from a water main.

All parts of the kit are installed inside the excavator and designed to be perfectly integrated with the existing auxiliary line.

This item, drastically, reduces dust and uses just a few litres of water (usually less than 15 litres per hour).

This also means to reduce the number of operators in a demolition and preserving the quality of the environment.

Flowrate: adjustable from 0.1 to 30 liters per minute
Pulverization: adjustable power and range
Emission points: from 1 to 4


During drilling operations in tunnels, the presence of dust causes serious problems to operators' health and significant reductions of

Thanks to Tecnorer’s advance technology of dust reduction system, it is possible to monitor constantly the quantity of dust in the air (in option) and it allows a complete elimination of dust residue that hinder the drilling operations.

The creation of a "mobile wall filter" ensures excellent results in terms of economical use, dust reduction and adaptability to the perforated material.

Demolition with pulverizer or hammer

In addition for being expensive in terms of the number of workers needed, the traditional dust reduction systems usually cause also a
significant waste of water, making the construction site less livable and reduce, drastically, the visibility during the operations.

Tecnoter has designed an advanced system that able to spray water directly on the demolition point when dust residue is created.

Using in “smart spray” mode, this innovative system allows a total reduction of residue assuring the use of small amount of water (usually less than 300 litres per day), plus complete visibility, and a significant reduction of costs. It also keeps construction sites clean.

Mobile crushing

Tecnoter's dust reduction equipment, installed on a mobile crushing system, assures a total elimination of dust residues, preserving the productivity of the operations and air quality.

In addition, Tecnoter's advanced technology constantly monitors the work place (optional) with a controlled spraying action in the points where dust arises using a low amount of water.

The use of an external tank of only 500 litres and the adoption of "smart spray" operating mode associated with the environmental monitoring system (optional), allows the crushers to operate independently for several days.

Fixed crushing

The integration of a suitable dust reduction system on a fixed crushing site has always been a big challenge. In comparison to the old drip systems and mist cannons, the dust reduction system, based on a controlled spraying of water (even from an open air basin),  allows the elimination of dust while maintaining the humidity of the treated part.

Tecnoter’s dust suppression systems for fixed workstations can be integrated with environmental monitoring modules (optional) in order to allow the activation and automatic adjustment of each single atomization point.

The water consumption for each station ranges from 0.2 litres to about 4 litres per minute, depending on the external conditions and on the type of the crushed material.

*autonomy is calculated by using a 600-liter tank and working in “smart spray” mode according to the following parameters:
Hammer: 15 sec. percussion and 15 sec. for repositioning; work percentage: 75%Crusher: 4 seconds closing and 16 seconds for repositioning; work percentage: 75%