CUBE Portable dust / odour suppressor

CUBE Npx series systems are extremely compact, inexpensive and efficient, and they are, specifically, studied for dust suppression in
tiny and wide areas. CUBE Npx systems are more silent and versatile compared to the turbine systems.

Every standard operating parameter such as: range, spraying angle, hydraulic flow, drop size and covered area are precisely adjustable.

Thanks to the different available versions and accessories, CUBE Npx systems are extremely efficient in many specific works like reducing the dust from stockpiles, treating inert material after drilling, suppressing dust on roads, caves, tunnels and in closed areas.

These systems can be equipped with dosing pump (optional) and dedicated software, which are the ideal instruments for sprinkling and deodorizing products.

The CUBE series is available in both electric standard version with computerized PLC, and in full hydraulic version, which ideal for on  board applications.

Standard Technical Features

Range: adjustable up to 20 mt according to the
specific model and in absence of wind
Drop size: adjustable
Nozzles number: from 1 to 20
Water pump: integrated
Hydraulic flow: adjustable
Rotation: electronic, programmable
Power: 0.75 - 25 Kw
Dimensions (LxWxH) m: NP: 0,8 x 0,8 x 1,2 - AP: 0,8 x 0x8 x 3

Example of some available versions: