Hydraulic air compressors

This wide range and silent hydraulic motor air compressors are designed for heavy-duty applications in fields where strength, continuity of functions and low-maintenance are essential elements.

LQC series air compressors with hydraulic motors have various speed and sophisticated hydraulic control units that permit a perfect adjustment of the provided airflow and assure simple and immediate connection to every hydraulic source.

The compressor sections are specifically designed to be operated with hydraulic motors and they are available in both configurations with multi-stage pistons and rotary Low RPM.

The built-in PLC control logic and numerous sensors of the LCQ series guarantee the maximum flexibility and efficient automatism.

The hydraulic air compressors of LQC series can be steadily installed on excavators, drills, platforms, trucks, etc., and be powered by the main hydraulic system of the host machine.

In the pressurization of submerge equipment, PLC and the integrated hydraulic shut-off valves can be programmed so that the operation of equipment can be blocked immediately when parameters are not consistent to the set limits.

The absence of vibrations and absolute silence of Low_RPM configurations make LQC compressors ideal to use in closed spaces.

Application sectors:

● Pressurization of equipment for submerged use or in dusty environments
● Power generation on board (trucks, vans, platforms, telescopics)
● Navigation
● Civil protection / Police
● Railway construction / tunnels
● Mining and quarrying
● Extraction machines and drills

Most common versions: