APG - Fog cannon

APG series dust suppression units is very powerful system that guarantees high performance and can cover wide range of area by spraying nebulized water.

With many different available versions, they can be used in several places such as cement factories, temporary waste storage,  recycling area, steel mills, slag treatment landfills, wood and aluminium processing facilities.

It equipped with adjustable stabilizers for leveling and rotation system, manual or automatic, and they can reach a maximum range up to 120 meters in length and up to 40 meters in height.

Standard Technical Features

Available Options: Standard technical features:
Automatic oscillation Electro-polished stainless steel crown with nozzles
Remote control Rudder with spinning wheel for trailer
Auxiliary pump for chemical additives Electric control panel on-board, also manageable by
remote control
Water supply pump Wheels for site-tow trailer
Torsion bar and inertial brakes + towing lever adjustable with parking brake +
rear lights with wiring and connector
Fan powered by electric or hydraulic engine
Towing trolley with two unbraked wheels for the APG.50A version Rotation system, both manual or automatic
Skid version Pockets for lifting the structure by a forklift
Customizable branding Adjustable stabilizers

Example of some available versions: