Portable wheel washing system CLBR series

RC closed circuit automatic wheel washing system are manufactured by following the most modern features of “Object” logic.

They are extremely reliable, fully modular and they can be adapted to the different requirements of every construction site.

Thanks to their closed loop, wheel washing systems RC series can reach water recycling percentages higher than 95% (depending on setting and working conditions).

The system RC CLBR is a compact group and it is particularly suitable for sites with low vehicle flow and medium degree of contamination.
The system includes a particularly reliable and efficient washing line, an accumulation tank of 4 to 9 m³ (according to the system configuration) and a mud extractor which extracts solid contaminants and mud thickened by polyelectrolyte. This system can be enlarged with extra accumulation tanks in order to ensure reliability and durability.
The particular features of this system are modularity, strong cleaning power and the possibility of using it both underground and surface.

The wheel washing system RC CLBR can be equipped on option with modules able to reduce specific pollutants as Asbestos, hydrocarbons, particles, etc.

Fields of application

Construction sites, landfills, storage sites, recycling plants, demolition sites, reclaimed lands, municipal enterprises, etc.

Index (scale 1-10)

Portability: 9 (transportable on standard van)
Ease of installation: 10 (pre installed)
Vehicles contamination: 5 (light presence of mud)
Vehicle flow: 4 (up to 20 per hour)

Specific features of model RC2.32CLBR

Placement: underground and surface
Vehicles: vans, trucks, wheeled industrial vehicles
Passage of vehicles: low speed, drive-through
Max. weight of vehicles: 70 ton
Min. height of vehicles: 10 cm
Average washing time: 20 sec.
Primary tank: integrated
Settling tank: available as optional
Mud extractor: integrated in the primary tank
Dosing system for additives: available as optional

Standard technical features

Washing line structure: heavy carpentry in c.steel, galvanized where needed
Internal widht: 3,2 mt extendable up to 5 mt with modules
Internal length: 2,0 mt extendable with optional modules
Line height from ground: about 50 cm
Sidewalls height: 1,3 mt from washing line, extendable up to 5 mt
Nozzles number: variable (typical value: 100)
Washing pumps: 1
Washing flow:  1.500 l/min
Power: 4.5 Kw
Integrated tank volume: 4 m³
Mechanical scraper: integrated with prefilter
Activation: automatic with sensors, no wind sensitive
Vehicles max. weight: 70 tons (standard version)

Available optionals

• Extra settling tank  • Polyelectrolyte dosing group with integrated tank  • Automatic water refill  • Auxiliary tank for mud storage  • Mud dewatering system  • Heavy Duty ramps  • Specifi solution for Asbestos reduction  • Internal width extension (max 5 mt)  • Internal lenght extension (max 16 mt)  • Sidewalls height extension (max 3.5 mt)  • Orientable nozzles  • Rotating flow nozzles  • Central wash platform  • Back wash injectors  • Low, up and side wash injectors  • Arch system for sanitation and bacterial control  • Extra thin autocleaning filter  • Heating system  • Telemetry and telecontrol  • Current generator.